Privacy Policy:

Who we are?

Supplements24x7.Org is our official website and all the details and information are there about us.

What data we ask to clients and why?

The clients visit our site, comments, replies and gives feedbacks. So we then collect their data to control any spam.

We may send the email address to Gravatar services for confirmation. Gravatar service’s privacy policy:  On your approval the display picture with your feedbacks are displayed.


Do not attach your location details with your uploaded image to the website, as your location will be vulnerable to use by other visitors.


The data is stored to the cookies whenever you do any comment or reply, to make your future access easier. These information are saved for a year in the cookies.

Your log in details gets saved for two days, and if you opt for ‘remember me’ it stores it for two weeks. But when you log out it gets discarded.

Terms and Conditions

We recommend our clients to read all the terms and conditions of our website Supplements24x7.Org. They are:

  • All the products advertised in our site have different sellers and manufacturers.
  • We are not liable for any product, as we only give honest feedback. Hence, the manufacturer holds all the liabilities of the brought product.
  • We do not ask our clients to replace our reviews with doctor’s advice. As we only share honest reviews on products.
  • The logos, imprints, trademarks etc are belongings of third party so if you want to use it then do take permissions from its owner.
  • We do not sale or trade any personal data of our clients.
  • There are various external links in our website, so be aware of it, as we hold no responsibility of it.
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